Sir: While zero-hours contracts may offer flexibility to some workers, by refusing to offer job stability the overall effect is costing the UK economy dearly (‘Unite to shame companies using zero-hours contracts’, 31 August).

The strike undertaken by more than 200 Hovis staff highlights the true extent of confusion and detrimental impact zero-hours contracts are having on the UK workforce.

Without commitment on behalf of the employer, the levels of commitment employees offer in return are understandably low. Staff commitment has a direct and tangible effect on the profitability of businesses. So it’s short-sighted to treat staff as interchangeable resources.

Research released by the government taskforce Engage for Success found that by investing just 10% more in staff engagement, UK businesses in all sectors could add £2,700 per employee a year in profits. Investing in staff can be worth a fortune, not just to their own bottom line but to the health of the UK economy as a whole.

Simon Kenwright, engagement director, Maverick