Budgens is the first retailer to stock fresh pork produced from pigs reared under the LincPork breeding scheme.
The initiative is run by Lincolnshire pork processor George Adams & Sons and its farmers rear pigs that are a cross between an Adams boar and a Camborough sow.
These produce a higher yield of premium quality meat in the primal joints - in particular the leg and shoulder.
Budgens will now exclusively offer meat from this breed in packs with the LincPork logo.
LincPork pigs are said to be worth £1.30 above the average, of which £1 goes back to the farmer. The scheme was set up in 2000 to supply pork for processing by George Adams and for sale into wholesale and on to manufacturers.
Six farms are in the scheme - from East Anglia, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, with two more Yorkshire farms due to join soon.
Budgens chief executive Martin Hyson said: “The LincPork scheme is about co-operation between farmer, processor and retailer.”