Mary Carmichael Walkers has signed up another sporting hero to star with its regular brand ambassador Gary Lineker in ads for a new Beefy Squares variant. The product will hit shelves next week and the four-week campaign will follow at the end of the month. The company is staying tight-lipped about the identity of its new face but it is believed to be someone whose sporting superstar image is in keeping with the new product's beefy-ness. World champion heavyweight boxer Lennox Lewis has been suggested. The bagged snacks giant predicts the ads will be seen by 70% of the population in its first 10 days. Relaunched in March last year, the Squares brand is showing growth of 114% year-on-year, according to Walkers. It said beef scored more highly than the current bestseller Salt and Vinegar flavour in taste tests. Available in a standard 25g format (rsp: 27p), the newcomer's packaging will feature a New' flash. Lineker, who is also the BBC's face of football, has been Walkers' frontman for 10 years. His previous ad sidekicks have included unlucky England goalkeeper David Seaman, pop singer Victoria Beckham and supermodel Helena Christensen. {{P&P }}