Unilever has claimed a ­market first by adding ­liqueur variants to its Magnum Minis range.

The Magnum Mini Liqueur duo pack consists of three vanilla ice creams infused with Irish Cream and covered in milk chocolate, and three lemon ice creams with Limoncello covered in white chocolate (rsp: £3.29 for a pack of six). They were the first liqueur handheld ice creams to hit the UK, claimed Unilever.

"The Mini format has proven an enormous success for Magnum," said senior brand manager Chrissie Dunn. "It's worth £14.8m, up 32% in 2010 alone, helping to make Magnum the biggest ice cream brand in the UK."

At the same time, a Choco Nut variant joins Viennetta Selections frozen desserts. The newcomer is made with "waves" of ­chocolate and hazelnut ice creams on a base of golden biscuit, topped with a ­chocolate and hazelnut sauce (rsp: 2.49/650ml).