Italian Amaretto liqueur brand, Disaronno, has secured new TV sponsorship of Sky’s entertainment news programme Entertainment Tonight.
Budweiser Budvar has scored a victory in the latest round of its ongoing trademark battle with Anheuser-Busch.
The Commercial Court of Brussels has ruled against A-B’s claim that Budvar should not use the Budweiser name in the Benelux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.)
Budvar said the court had ruled in its favour on the use of the Budweiser Budvar, Budvar, Budweiser and Budiwoyz trademarks.
The Benelux dispute has been running since 1979, and A-B has filed similar claims in markets that include Australia, Japan, Sweden and in the UK, where it lost.
Jiri Bocek, director of parent company Budjovick Budvar, said: “The court has confirmed our right to the trademarks.”
Budvar victory over A-B