Dairy Crest's recall of a batch of its Frijj milkshake has affected a total of 60,000 bottles, it has emerged.

The company this week warned shoppers not to consume 500ml bottles of strawberry Frijj with a use-by date of 5 April as there was a risk they might contain low levels of listeria bacteria. In rare cases, listeria can cause the potentially fatal disease listeriosis.

Dairy Crest told The Grocer it had withdrawn 60,000 bottles of Frijj as a result. Bottles of Frijj typically retail at £1.10, meaning the recall added up to a £66,000 loss of retail sales for Dairy Crest. In addition, retailers often impose fines on suppliers that have to recall products, meaning the cost of the listeria scare to Dairy Crest is likely to be far higher. Dairy Crest declined to comment on the costs it had incurred.

The company said it had significantly upped its monitoring procedures in response to the recall.