Mary Carmichael
Masterfoods has brought out a Lite version of its recently-revamped confectionery flagship Mars in Australia.
The slimline version's wrapper, which features a white, striped panel, claims that it contains "50% less fat per gram than the average of leading chocolate bars" .
The fact the energy value is given as 174 calories rather than kilojoules ­ the more usual measurement in the Antipodes ­ suggests a launch elsewhere.
However, a spokeswoman for Masterfoods said there were currently no plans to introduce Mars Lite in the UK.
The iconic confectionery brand's £7.5m relaunch in April has proved successful, with the streamlined, smaller pack and lighter recipe boosting sales by 20% and proving more of a hit with female consumers than its predecessor.
Several major confectionery manufacturers have used Australia as a trial market for new products before launching in the UK. CadburyTreborBassett introduced its Dream Bar there prior to its UK arrival in January, and new Guarana and Glucose Boost hit shelves several months earlier down under, while Nestlé ¢rought Kit Kat Chunky White to the UK only after a successful Australian launch.