Fruit and vegetable sales have shot up 48% since Musgrave Retail Partners GB launched Londis Fresh a year ago.

Over the summer, sales of tomatoes were up 170% week-on-week in Londis stores, said Musgrave Retail Partners GB trading director Willie Hamilton. Sales of Iceberg lettuces rose 96% and cucumbers rose 64%. Around 1,300 Londis retailers now stocked fresh food.

"We're driving growth by working closely with suppliers and growers to consistently deliver better quality, better availability and better lead times," said Hamilton.

"We are able to respond to seasonal changes effectively and efficiently, giving Londis shoppers the fresh, seasonal produce that they want, when they want it."

The initiative saw the ­introduction of a new ­warehouse management system to ­allow for longer shelf-life, and a chilled ­delivery fleet.