Of household paper's five sectors, toilet roll is by far the biggest. Valued at £926.2m, it also produced the strongest growth, up 6.5%, despite a lack of growth from three of the top five brands.

Andrex extended its already considerable lead, with sales up 10% to £319.7m, helped by innovation. Second-place Velvet had a disappointing year, as sales slipped 3.6% to £97.3m, despite the £15m launch of Triple Velvet. Charmin and Nouvelle declined by 2.7% and 24.2% respectively.

Nappies, the second-biggest sector, stayed almost static, up just 0.3% to £403.6m. Pampers, still the preferred product, dropped 5% to £250.2m, however.

Its nearest rival, Huggies, still lags a long way behind, but it managed a rise of 0.9% to almost £73m.

Kitchen towels were up 4.7% to £294.3m, boosted by healthy performances from the sector's top three brands, including a 50.2% rise from Lotus.

Four of the top five facial tissue brands fell. However, the market still managed to grow 4.3% to 178.9m, helped by own-label and new entrant Mellow Les Fleurs.

Procter & Gamble brands dominate the sanpro sector. Always, in pole position, grew 3.2% to £96m, while second-placed Tampax declined 1.8% to £61.7m. n