Waitrose has introduced loose Fairtrade-marked bananas to all its stores in a move it claims is a first among UK retailers.
The company said all of its loose Windward Islands bananas would now be sold as Fairtrade. Prepacked WI bananas have been sold as Fairtrade for several years.
Central buyer, fruit, Gordon Fairbrother, said the number of Fairtrade bananas sold in the UK would be boosted by 10-
20% as a result of the initiative.
He added: “Introducing the Fairtrade label on all our Windward Islands loose bananas means that we can make a meaningful difference to growers and their communities.”
The bananas will continue to sell in-store for 99p/kg.
Earlier this year the retailer established the Waitrose Foundation - a partnership that aims to improve the working conditions of its South African citrus fruit farmers.