The run-up to Christmas is the spoilsports' season when party-poopers emerge hell-bent on being mean-spirited. This season's wet blanket prize goes to Safeway for pouring cold water ­ or should it be wine ­ on romantic couples. Having spent a fortune revamping its booze areas with dim lighting to create a typical cellar feel', it now discovers that the love-lorn have been taking advantage of the romantic ambience by indulging in a spot of canoodling and kissing and they've all been caught on CCTV. Couples in London, Birmingham and Kent are the worst offenders, according to the company which says: "When we created these areas as part of our refurbishment we did not expect shoppers to snog in the aisles." The multiple is now planning to take the romance out of shopping ­ by turning up the lights. {{COUNTERPOINT }}