WeightWatchers has added cake-baking mixes to its line-up to plug a gap in the market for healthier home-baking options.

The mixes are the only lower-calorie option in the category, the brand claims, and made using "only the highest-quality ingredients". Consumers can also add their own ingredients to them.

Manufactured under licence by Victoria Foods, the range consists of six mixes: Carrot & Orange Cake, Chocolate Orange Muffin, Double Chocolate Cookie, Lemon Drizzle Muffin, Chocolate Sponge and a Chocolate Brownie mix.

The mixes, available now priced at £1.89 per pack, are positioned as easy-to-make guilt-free treats that do not compromise on taste.

"We saw a great opportunity in the healthier cake mix market, which was lacking a low-calorie option," said licensing marketing manager Jennie Dettmer.