Wine lovers who want to be able to carry home more than one bottle from their local store may now have a solution in the form of a low-cost wine caddy.

A Vienna-based packaging specialist has invented the Go-Caddy - a small two-wheeled trolley made from corrugated paper with a water-repellent coating - to allow consumers to carry up to 12 bottles of wine or up to 25kg of goods.

The trolleys, which are priced between £3.00 and £7.00, are available in bespoke designs with various branding options.

MD Robert Pachler said: "After decades of shopping bags with no additional benefit except as waste bins, the time has come to provide consumers with a more convenient carrying device and retailers with an innovative promotional tool to boost sales and make clients happy."

The company said it was currently in talks with retailers to sell Go-Caddy as part of a package with bottles of wine.