Irish lower fat cheese brand Low Low has been launched into the UK backed by a £5m marketing campaign claiming it tastes as good as full fat cheddar.

The product comes in newly designed packaging that focuses on a health message rather than diet claims. The packs feature a '100% natural' symbol and 'made with semi-skimmed milk' within the new logo.

The launch comes at a sensitive time for the UK dairy industry, which has claimed cheap Irish own-label cheese is devaluing the market.

"Currently there is no singular brand meeting the consumer need for tasty, lower fat cheese," said Kelly Rafferty, Kerry Foods' marketing manager for dairy and cheese in the UK. "Typically low-fat brands are not viewed favourably in terms of taste and texture, so the big focus on this brand will be to demonstrate the taste, versatility and meltability of Kerry LowLow," she added.

The four-strong range, rolling out across Asda from this week and Tesco from mid-June, includes 200g and 400g blocks (rsp £2.06 and £3.86 respectively), as well as grated bags and pre-sliced cheese.

The launch will be supported with press and in-store activity through summer, with a TV campaign breaking in September.