Sir, I read your article on Britvic's annual soft drinks report ('C-store soft drinks sales beat mults as shoppers Max up', The Grocer, 26 March). As reported, following growth of 2% in 2009, the soft drinks market was up 6.6% in 2010.

It is worth highlighting the contribution that the sports and energy drinks category has made to the growth of the soft drinks market over the past year. The sports and energy drinks category was the fastest-growing in total fmcg, up 16.8% in value. In impulse channels, this means sports and energy drinks have now overtaken colas as the largest category in soft drinks.

While the Britvic report makes reference to the role that Lucozade has played in driving sports drinks, it's also worth noting the contribution of Lucozade to the growth of the overall sports and energy drinks category. Lucozade has delivered more growth than any other brand within the category, with sales up 9.4% to £370m an additional £32m in incremental sales. Colin Seymour Sales strategy & category marketing director, GlaxoSmithKline Nutritional Healthcare