A chorus of sexy angels plummet from the sky in the £8.3m campaign for new Lynx Excite, which is aimed at the Inbetweeners generation.

Lynx Excite consists of a body spray, deodorant, shower gel and an eau de toilette (rsp: £3.25, £3.04, £2.54 and £7.10 respectively) all rolling out this week. Designed to appeal to the younger end of the brand's 18 to 24-year-old core market, the 'Falling Angels' advertisement will appear in cinemas at the start of January, followed by a television run at the end of the month.

However, the wider £8.3m push kicks off on Apple's new iAD mobile ­advertising network next week.

By using iAD, which runs exclusively across Apple gadgets, Lynx would have direct access to young iPhone and iPod users, who would be able play games with the characters, said Lynx brand owner Unilever.