Lyons Seafoods is putting its weight behind the 2-a-week national consumer campaign to push the health benefits of eating two portions of seafood a week.

More than 800,000 packs of prawns supplied by the company will carry the 2-a-week logo from the end of this month for three weeks.

The activity coincides with National Seafood Week, which kicks off on 5 October, and aims to educate consumers and highlight the products available in the category.

"While significant inroads have been made when it comes to in-home consumption of seafood over the past five years, there is still some way to go," said a spokesman for Lyons. "Many consumers are still failing to recognise the nutritional advantages of seafood over more traditional meal time staples."

The Food Standards Agency, which highlighted the benefits of eating more seafood, has backed the 2-a-week campaign instigated by industry body Seafish.

The move is similar to the 5-a-day campaign, which encourages people to eat more fruit and veg. Celebrity chef James Martin and the Health Promotion Agency have also offered their support.