Cartoonist and blogger Hugh Macleod has rejoined the Stormhoek wine team.

The South African wine brand became known for its innovative online promotions developed by Macleod when it was owned by the doomed Orbital Wine, which collapsed at the end of last year. Following its acquisition by Origin Wine the brand has continued to enjoy "booming sales", said the company, and the time was now right to reappoint Macleod to "inject more energy into the brand".

Plans include its first SMS campaign, a new Valentine's Day promotion and outdoor events for 2009. "The campaign will be about new ideas, new technologies and new ways of starting conversations about wine," Macleod said.

Stormhoek was launched in 2001 and hooked up with Macleod two years later. By the time its parent went into administration in 2007 it was a 100,000-case-a-year brand.