Porky Whites is stepping out of the traditional premium sausage category for the first time with the launch of a more mainstream sausage, which will be sold in large, family-friendly packs.

Porky Whites Traditional British Pork Sausage is aimed at shoppers looking for good value.

"Our particular lines of products are fairly unique in their flavour profile but this is a more mainstream product; it's a lighter seasoned product, so it's going to appeal to a greater spectrum of consumers," said Porky Whites MD Chris White. Bigger packs were "popular" at the moment because of the extra value they offered, he offered.

The 756g packs, which contain 10 sausages, are the largest pack size Porky Whites has done to date. At 84% meat, the sausages have a slightly higher meat content than Porky Whites' other lines, which typically contain 82% meat.