Consumers in Northern Ireland are being urged to drink more milk.

Northern Irish producer Dale Farm has launched a public awareness initiative this month entitled Moove Over to Milk, in which it will challenge consumers to abandon other drinks in favour of a glass of milk.

The producer aims to target high-footfall areas such as shopping centres, and will bring along a life-sized cow to be milked.

The company said it wanted to get the message across that milk can help the fight against obesity and strengthen teeth. Free milk will also be given out, and there will be a competition to win a year's supply of Dale Farm Milk. "We are not saying that consumers should drink only milk but if more people follow the 3-a-day' dairy guideline of one glass of milk, one pot of yoghurt and a small piece of cheese per day, they will be taking an important positive step for their health," said Brian Beattie, Dale Farm head of marketing.