Off-licences and specialist wine retailers can differentiate themselves from the multiples in the wine market by seeking out more niche lines, says Thresher.
Trading director Alex Ansen said: “We can offer interesting wines from smaller producers but finding these does come at a cost. You have to find the right team with experience and knowledge to develop a strategy to find the right wines.”
Ansen said the retailer’s newly launched Wine Rack format showed the company was dedicated to offering a more interesting range of about 600 premium wines.
But he said it had taken nine months for the retailer’s buying team to source these wines and there was often limited supply from smaller producers.
Ansen said Thresher’s ‘Pipeline’ supply chain system was also key to establishing its niche ranges.
“Through this system we consolidate lots of smaller producers from a region and then we can bring in small parcels of wine by drip feeding them in throughout the year, rather than trying to store a year’s supply at once,” he said.
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