The famous red and white Campbell’s soup can - a 20th Century icon thanks to artist Andy Warhol - is moving with the times with a new look and simpler recipe suggestions.
New packaging is being phased in across the range with a new logo (minus the gold medallion which was felt to be old-fashioned) and photography of vegetables. A prominent ‘condensed makes double’ stamp emphasises the brand’s positioning for use either in
soups or as a recipe ingredient.
Senior brand manager Michelle Wilde said the back-of-pack recipe suggestions were being changed to quick meals such as stir-fries to fit today’s time-pressed consumer.
“We have not had a design change for over five years and we wanted to modernise the brand to build a more contemporary platform for future innovation,” she said. Wilde said future developments could include a ready-to-eat format.
To support the relaunch, Campbell’s is running advertising in Saga Magazine.