Wholesaler M&J Seafood, part of Brakes Group, has launched a new picture messaging service to showcase their chosen 'catch of the day' fish as soon as it has been landed.

Customers receive a ­picture message and can then call their nearest M&J Seafood depot to place an order by using a 'click to call' button within the message. The message will show an image of the fish landed and give information about its provenance.

Brakes recognised that mobile technology was ­increasingly important to businesses, said Eroll Chimanga, Brakes Group's e-commerce manager. "We are pleased to be able to ­deliver a UK first for a wholesaler with this."

M&J will encourage customers to sign up by advertising the service on posters, websites and flyers.

Meanwhile, M&J said it had seen a 62% increase in volume sales of gurnard, after Hugh's Fish Fight aired in January.