'Golden' raspberries will go on sale in Marks & Spencer stores this week following a successful trial last season.

The fruit is a primocane Estrella variety, grown in small quantities in the UK, Belgium and California.

Estrella will initially be sold alone in punnets, although producer BerryGardens is considering including them in mixed berry packs with traditional red berries. It also expects to roll out the variety to other retailers as production volumes increase.

The golden raspberries were popular in trials because of their sweet taste and honey-like tones, said Richard Harnden, technical director. The variety, originally produced through the Driscoll breeding programme, is popular with growers because it is firm, travels well and has good shelf life.

M&S will be selling the fruit under its Eat Well label as a limited-edition product. The yellow fruit is expected to be on shelf until the autumn and will retail at £2.99 for 170g.