Three new lines have been unveiled for the festive season by Manor Bakeries. Mr Kipling twin mince parcels, individually wrapped in a snack pack, has been added to its Cake2Go snacking range (rsp 49p), while a cool mint variant has been added to the Cadbury's Cubes bagged snacks. These are available as five individual bags of five mint cubes packed in a cube shaped carton (rsp £1.49). A party pack offering two of each Santa bakewells, mince pies, Christmas slices and mince parcels is also up for grabs at an rsp of £2.29. The total Christmas cake market rose by 3% last year to £93m and mince pies accounted for more than half of these sales, worth 56.4% and up year on year by 10% [TNS Spend, January 2000]. Marketing activity on the latter includes a promotion across 1.8 million packs of Mr Kipling holly mince pies offering £50 off a Thomas Cook holiday. Also available are seven for six and 12 for 10 promotions on its Cadbury's Mini Rolls which has been given two seasonal flavours ­ Merry Milk Chocolate and Jingle Jam. Category manager Eric Craig said: "Our research shows price is less important at Christmas while brands, packaging and plentifulness becomes more important. "There also exists a seasonal attitude of blow the diet' and blow the budget' which is set to boost cake demand over Christmas." {{P&P }}