People are put off buying organic milk because they expect it to cost much more than conventional milk, OMSCo claims.

A survey during last week's organic dairy week found that 80% of people thought organic milk was more expensive than it really was.

Some 30% of those questioned thought an organic pint cost 20p more than conventional milk. In reality it costs 43p, just 8p more than conventional milk.

The survey underscored how much work the

organic dairy industry had to do to communicate with consumers.

"It's clear that there are even more consumers out there who would buy organic milk if they knew how little extra it costs," said Rosie Palmer, marketing manager for OMSCo. "An average family of four buys 12 pints of milk a week, so the additional cost of switching to organic is only 96p."

More than half of 16 to 24-year-olds said they would buy organic milk if it cost less than £2 a week more.