World milk output is resuming its rising trend again this year after slowing down in 2004, according to research conducted by the International Dairy Federation. The survey in the 49 IDF member countries shows that output will be up this year by 1.6% to 626 million tonnes. Last year growth was restricted to 1%, significantly below the 16% growth achieved over the past 10 years.
With the exception of Russia, all the major milk-producing countries are expecting increased output in 2005. In the EU, the rise will be only 0.6%. But growth is projected in the US at 2.8%, India 5%, New Zealand 3.6%, the Ukraine 6.6% and Argentina 6.5%.
China has the fastest growing dairy industry among the major producers and, while no forecast is available yet for 2005, annual output has grown from six to 23 million tonnes in the past decade alone.