AB InBev has challenged the tech world to come up with an app that uses the company’s data on the best food and drink pairings to inform consumers.

The brewer, whose brands include Corona, Leffe and Stella Artois, held its first “hackathon” in Haymarket, south-west London, for more than 70 tech gurus on 6-8 February.

AB InBev made its food+beer pairing application program interface (API) available for the first time to attendees.

The company built the API in partnership with its own internal digital innovation team, known as the Beer Garage, and Foodily, a social recipe network.

London-based start-up Whisk was named the winner for BeerMail.io which matches the weather with specific food and beer.

Jean-Jacques Velkeniers, vice-president marketing Europe, said: “Customers are increasingly using their mobile devices before and during shopping to aid in their decision-making, so it was exciting to see so many uses of the API designed to serve up data in a relevant and useful way at the point of purchase.”

Ricardo Dias, vice-president consumer connections, added that the hackathon was an early example of the big data partnership opportunities seen within the tech industry to help create innovative technology to enhance customers’ experience.