Kellogg’s unleashed a ‘breakfast commuters’ street team across the London Tube last week to promote Special K.

Each of the team members, which were set loose in key commuter hotspots during the morning rush from Monday to Friday last week, carried a custom-made mobile breakfasting unit - nicknamed the Special Kase - fitted with a fridge to supply cold milk, hidden side compartments to store bowls and a full set of cutlery. The units also contained spaces to hold boxes of cereal and a thermos flask and juicer.

The cereal maker secretly filmed the reaction of fellow passengers and posted it on social media to create a stir.

The stunt had been created to show that even for people with busy lifestyles there was time for a bowl of Special K, said Kellogg’s media specialist Liam O’Brien, adding it was targeted at the one in three adults who currently missed breakfast every day.

The activity followed the previous week’s stunt in which TV presenter and Special K brand ambassador Tess Daly wore a dress made from cereal ingredients.