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Fmcg has known “for decades” that video makes an “emotional impact” says Olly Honess, partner at Cubaka, which handles social media for Lidl. But he says recent changes to the way Facebook charges for video views (like only charging if a video has been on screen for 10 seconds) means it’s “suddenly now become more affordable for smaller businesses to create meaningful branded impressions from social video” on Facebook. And he says with Twitter taking similar measures, “the stage is now set for smaller businesses to take advantage”.

Of course all brands, from tiny to conglomerate, have been taking advantage of social media for years, but Honess says the changes mean a Facebook video could cost a brand as little as 1p per view. “It’s hard to imagine an area where smaller companies have a better chance of affordably taking a slice of the limelight from their larger competitors,” he predicts.

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