Hellmann’s is 100. The egg-based dressing brand isn’t the most glamorous on our shelves, but it nonetheless managed to attract a Hollywood A-lister to its party.

Katie Holmes – notable for her appearances in Dawson’s Creek, Batman Begins and the Church of Scientology – turned up at a bash in New York last week to pose appealingly with a giant cake.

Mercifully, it didn’t contain any mayo, though neither do the dishes Katie told USA Today she liked cooking. “I flourish at pancakes,” she beamed. “I do seabass, too.” Er… Great!

Holmes also joined other guests for lunch. Hellmann’s has been celebrating its century with a series of record attempts (the ‘longest line of hot dogs’ title is in the bag), and hosted its stars on the world’s longest picnic table, which – in honour of the brand’s 100th anniversary, remember – measured… 97.59m. Er… Great!