Lucozade Sport is banking on a big fight with its new ad, focused on boxer Anthony Joshua - who next weekend will engage Ukrainian colossus Wladimir Klitschko in a heavyweight punch-up at Wembley Stadium.

An arresting 90-second film charts Joshua’s life, from bonny baby to proficient puncher, via running, football and a hazily staged run-in with the cops. Support from his mum and a job as a brickie puts AJ back on the right path - and we later see him as a professional pugilist, flattening a rival.

Joshua’s story - and chosen sport - lends Lucozade Sport a bit of edge and toughness, while its timing is perfect. There’s a risk Klitschko will KO our man, of course, but Brits love an underdog, and its ‘nobody ever moved forward standing still’ line will still ring true.