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Sir, The Grocer’s recent social media report should give hope to small and mid-size fmcg brands. The top spots didn’t go to the brands with the most followers - in fact, there was no correlation between the engagement score and the number of followers.

Interestingly, the data seem to suggest engagement declines with community size. The score considered the absolute number of engagements per post, which may have favoured brands with larger communities. It is possible that the smaller brands maintained similar levels of absolute engagement, but engaged a greater percentage of their community. This possibility furthers the idea that social media excellence isn’t predicated on community size.

One other interesting nugget in the data is that brands tend to be good at either Facebook or Twitter, but not both. If you exclude the top 10 brands, there is a moderate negative correlation between scores for brands on each platform.

Jim Mason, executive director of strategy & insight, Razorfish London