Mars is to turn the heat up on Cadbury with the launch of Galaxy, Maltesers and Flyte instant hot chocolate drinks. The packaging design of the new products is still being finalised, with launch scheduled for the end of November. The low fat Galaxy premium hot chocolate is to be positioned in direct competition with Cadbury's High Lights. It will be available in a twin sachet, and a just-add-water jar. A Galaxy hot chocolate product prepared with milk (that is currently on the market) is to be taken out of its plastic carton and relaunched in a glass pot, timed to coincide with the new arrivals. The chocolate malt Maltesers and 98% fat free Flyte versions will be available in twin sachet format. Mars has signed up Nichols Foods to produce and distribute the new range to the retail market. Mars UK European business development manager Dan Jacoby said: "We see the introduction of Galaxy, Maltesers and Flyte instant hot chocolate drinks as another new direction for Mars branded products in the retail and consumer market." {{P&P }}