Mars UK has denied it plans to change its on-pack branding to Balls over the summer when it launches its massive anti-Euro 2008 campaign.

The confectionery giant is preparing for a football-themed summer marketing push, where it will give away thousands of balls during the Euro tournament to "get our belief back", The Grocer has learned.

A promotional clip on video-sharing site YouTube showed pictures of the Balls-branded bars, with an on-pack flash offering 10,000 instant-win footballs.

A rebrand would echo its switch to Believe during the 2006 World Cup campaign, a move that resulted in a 50% sales lift.

Mars confirmed it was finalising a multimillion-pound marketing strategy for the summer that would focus around the football tournament.

However, it insisted it had put images of the Balls branding out to trade only to build excitement, not because it had plans to change the name. "Changes to the packaging will revolve around highlighting the giveaway promotion," said trade relations manager Andrea Taylor.

Taylor also confirmed that TV advertising was in the pipeline as part of a nationwide push, which would focus on "encouraging public passion and participation in football".

The Believe campaign was launched in 2006 when Mars changed its packaging to show support for England's efforts in the World Cup.

As a result of the £3.7m campaign, sales of its single bars and multipacks rose 32% and 174% respectively across impulse channels and 15% and 68% in grocery, claimed Mars.