Mars is hoping for a spell of merchandising magic in the confectionery market with its first range of Harry Potter sugar and chocolate treats. The sweets giant is refusing to disclose how much it paid for the long-term rights to use JK Rowling's fictional boy wizard, although the sum is likely to have run into millions. Now it plans to start recouping that outlay with its first two Potter products, available from September 24. Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans come in 45g impulse packs (rsp 39p) and 150g tubes (rsp £1.19) in 11 different flavours. Three are unconventional ­ tomato, carrot and horseradish ­ and marked with warning exclamation marks, while Chocolate Frogs come with collectable moving cards of different scenes from the book (rsp 79p). It is the first time Mars has been involved in a major licensing agreement and should allow the company to build a children's sugar and confectionery brand with unlimited potential. Harry Potter brand manager Jenny Williams said: "Mars aims to bring to life all the products in the books, although levitating sweets may be a bit tricky. We see it as a long-term brand that will grow via npd, limited editions and seasonal opportunities." Other sweets inspired by Rowling's books could include Droobles best blowing gum, sherbert lemons, liquorice wands, Hagrid's humbugs, cauldron cakes, cockroach clusters and jelly slugs. Warner's Harry Potter movie is due for UK release on November 16. {{MARKETING - P&P }}