WDB Brands is limbering up for the new year with an on-pack promotion for its low-carb beer Marston’s Resolution.
The special offer, which runs on four-packs in Asda and Tesco throughout January and February, will give beer lovers the chance to win by entering a prize draw via a website.
Hundreds of fitness-related prizes are available, including a year’s free gym membership.
The competition will help to strengthen Resolution’s credentials as a healthier alternative to standard beers.
The beer, which was originally
branded as Low ‘C and developed in the 1960s for diabetics, contains just 1.65g of carbohydrates and 85 calories per bottle. It is the only beer, other than Michelob Ultra, which markets itself as low in carbohydrate.
Peter Jackson, WDB Brands marketing director, said: “Low ‘C has always been a fantastic asset and we’re delighted to be able to remind people how great it tastes.”