Sir; I refer to the articles published in The Grocer regarding Salitos ('UK drinkers turn their backs on tequila beer, The Grocer, 16 September, p82 and 'Salitos returns, but without the tequila', The Grocer, 14 October, p71). While wishing my old colleague John Harley every success with the brand, I would like to correct the comments made in both these reports that the brand was launched in February by distributor Navson.

Salitos was actually launched into the UK market in 2002 by BB Supply Centre, the company formerly responsible for Budweiser Budvar (which John Harley knows well as he used to work for them).

When BB Supply Centre closed its doors, Pouring Brands took over the UK agency through 2003 and 2004, and to some degree struggled in a market where articles were regularly published talking down the ready-to-drink sector in the UK.

This means that the Salitos brand will now be "launching" for the fourth time in the UK, albeit this time without the tequila! In my opinion, without the tequila you are left with (if my memory serves me right) a good German Pilsner that might be considered to be masquerading as a Mexican!