Masterfoods is adding mini eggs to its Celebrations brand and bringing out several new Galaxy eggs to help its Easter 2007 range target indulgence.

For Easter next year, the company is replacing the mini formats of its Mars, Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel bars found in Celebrations with their mini egg equivalents to give consumers an extra reason to buy the product during the festive period. It is also introducing a pack of Galaxy chocolate caramel mini eggs, priced at £2.69, to encourage informal gifting.

Two premium lines under the Galaxy brand are also being added to encourage consumers to trade up. An All About Chocolate product comprises a large hollow egg with two full-size Galaxy bars, while a Minstrels egg follows the same idea, but with two large bags of Minstrels. Each will sell for £4.99.

Trade relations manager Andrea Taylor said: "The Easter range has mass appeal, whether as a gift or an indulgent treat."