enhancement Tate & Lyle has made a breakthrough into café society with its Lyle's coffee syrups, specially designed to pep up the flavour of home made coffee. The trend is already well established in the US, and T&L hopes its four flavours ­ caramel, hazelnut, Irish cream and vanilla ­ will make a similar impact in the UK. Each 375ml bottle contains up to 30 individual coffee servings. Following suit is honey supplier Rowse which has brought out its own coffee enhancer Cafe Duo in amaretto, hazelnut and vanilla variants. The range comes in easy dispense, squeezable bottles with non-drip caps. Meanwhile, to halt the decline in the coffee enhancer sector Nestlé is aiming to convince retailers to merchandise Coffee-Mate alongside coffee. Category manager Simon Freedman says the message is beginning to get through. "Often buyers see Coffee-Mate as a dehydrated product that should sit with evaporated milk because people only buy it when a store runs out of milk. "Yes, it can be used as a distress purchase, but a lot of people use it to give a creamy taste to coffee and drink it out of choice. We prefer to call it an enhancer, similar to the syrups in the US," he says. Nestlé claims Coffee-Mate leads the category with a 43.3% share. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}