Maxilin Super Flyers

Maxilin Super Flyers are heading to Norway and Iceland

Bolton-based business Maxilin has secured a coals-to-Newcastle deal to sell Scandinavian favourite salty liquorice to Norway and Iceland.

Nestlé, which distributes Maxilin products in Denmark, will from May next year be distributing the confectioner’s Super Flyer range of liquorice tube-shaped sweets in the two countries.

Salmiak-flavoured Super Flyers - which have a slightly salty taste - account for 50% of the turnover of Maxilin, which sells liquorice and sherbet-based sweets in Finland by direct distribution.

Next year it rolls out a new Blackcurrant Super Flyer and a larger version of its licensed Tango version. It also plans bite-sized pouched products.