Wrigley is the latest company to give its products the guarana buzz by adding the stimulant to its Airwaves brand.
Airwaves Active comes in a Citrus Fusion flavour that combines guarana - a natural source of caffeine - with green tea, cola nuts,
menthol and passion fruit flavours to provide consumers with a “taste kick”, said Wrigley. Available in packs of 10 pieces, each pellet contains 5mg of caffeine.
According to Wrigley, the invigorating chew market is worth £40m [ACNielsen MAT to October 29, 2005] and the product would increase the repertoire of existing users and add new users to the brand. The chewing gum will be available from January in a new double-blister pack in two strips of five pieces (rsp: 42p) and will replace Orbit Ice White in single packs.
Wrigley is also adding a different kind of kick to its Hubba Bubba brand with the launch of Max, a stronger flavour bubble gum.
Two variants have been developed - Strawberry & Watermelon and Sour Double Berry (rsp: 30p) - with increased chunk size to boost their appeal among kids. Also launching in January, they will replace Mix ‘n’ Match Strawberry & Vanilla and the limited edition Hubba Bubba Colours.
TV ads running from March to September next year in a similar style to the Creature Comforts TV series will support the bubble gum brand.
Stefan Chomka