Our retailers performed well this week, with four managing to check in a full basket and the remainder having no more than two out of stocks.
Asda yet again delivered the cheapest full basket, at £36.02, meaning the average price of a basket at Asda over the past four weeks has dropped below £36 for the first time, at £35.97.
The promotional activity our shoppers have witnessed over the past couple of weeks on McCain Home Fries is still finding its way on to the shelves, thus skewing our basket prices.
Sainsbury and Tesco had 25% extra free on a 1.5kg pack while Morrisons, Safeway and Somerfield were marked as out of stock on the 1.5kg bag. When our shopper asked where it was at Morrisons, she was told only the 1.81kg pack was available at that time, and that it was not on special promotion.
At Somerfield the 1.5kg bag was replaced by a 2.25kg pack at £1.79 while Safeway sold a 2.72kg pack, including 25% extra free, for £1.69.
Tesco's basket price was affected by the purchase of eight premium bacon rashers at £2.69 while there were discrepancies between shelf-edge labels and receipt prices at Somerfield. McVitie's was marked as 96p with 200g free on shelf, but came through on the receipt as £1.03 while Walkers was £1.09 on shelf but only 89p on the receipt. Stella said £4.58 on the shelf label but only £3.99 on the receipt.