Blokey crisp brand McCoy's has teamed up with 1,500 Indian restaurants in a new campaign that will also see the launch of two new curry-flavoured packs.

From mid-September, all McCoy's handy packs and limited-edition Chicken Jalfrezi and Lamb Vindaloo packs (rsp: 55p) will offer a voucher for two main curry dishes at the price of one at participating restaurants.

The activity is aimed at the United Biscuits brand's core audience of younger men and would drive sales in convenience and impulse, predicted George Johnston, marketing director for bagged snacks.

"Convenience and impulse is an area we want to develop further and the promotion is very much focused on growing the on-the-go occasion," he said.

The limited editions will be on shelf until the end of the year and the offer runs until March. Restaurants participating are listed on McCoy's website.