McVitie's is bringing its core range back to TV screens for the first time in five years with a £6m campaign starting next week. The move follows the introduction of a new McV identity for the £334m brand and the launch of snack-sized McVitie's Munchbites in Milk Chocolate Digestive and Milk Chocolate Hob Nob variants. All the activity is aimed at modernising the brand and grabbing a bigger chunk of the snacking market for biscuits. Breaking on Monday (June 10), the campaign will run until October. McVitie's estimates that 21 million people ­ 88% of its target audience of 25 to 44-year-old snacking adults ­ will see the three-execution series. Based around the premise that people can only be themselves when they come across McVitie's products, the ads share the theme Make yourself at home'. In the first, a young man tries to ease his first date nerves with a packet of McVitie's Munchbites when his girlfriend leaves the room. He confides in an Action Man doll that he intends to make advances later that evening, but his plans are foiled when she returns to the room and overhears him. Two other ads will feature Chocolate Digestives. Marketing director Garry Biggs said the new campaign aimed to make McVitie's the obvious snacking choice for consumers. "The advertising schedule complements McVitie's 2002 npd programme," he added. "By giving maximum exposure to the McVitie's brand, it will reaffirm biscuits' role in the modern snacking repertoire, and increase total biscuit consumption." {{P&P }}