The future may continue to be orange for Jaffa Cakes, but it will also be lemon & lime and blackcurrant from the new year as McVitie’s adds excitement to its 60-year-old brand.
McVitie’s has developed different flavours of its iconic brand following the success of its limited edition Berry Blast variant, which was launched for a 12 week period in April. It said
permanent lines would bring new and lapsed consumers to the brand. UBUK said if every consumer bought its products one more time in 2006, it would add £120m in sales.
A £2m TV and national poster campaign will support the products, which go on-shelf late January. A fresh logo and pack design is also being rolled out to coincide with the launch.
James Mayer, UBUK grocery trading director, said lemon & lime and blackcurrant came out top in a consumer poll of their favourite flavours. “Berry Blast was a combination of red and black berries but blackcurrant is very descriptive. If it’s not orange consumers want to know what they are going to taste.”