The brand chart shows a few significant changes this week.
McVitie’s, through continued promotions on Jaffa Cakes as well as bogof offers on Mini Cheddars and Boasters, has pushed on from last week’s position and broken into the top two, forcing Walkers down to third.
Heinz remains out in front despite the push from McVitie’s. In addition to the offers on soup and Weight Watchers meals already in place, Heinz is launching a new price promotion on Cheesecakes in Safeway.
How long can Heinz stay at the top? Having dominated the brand chart since the turn of the year, there are still no signs of decline.
Elsewhere there are a couple of new entries in the chart which are making their presence felt in store.
Both Mars and Nestlé have emerged and muscled their way into the chart on the back of some gondola end promotions.
Mars Ice Creams can be found on offer across the fascia with both bogof and price promotions available for people who like ice cream, whatever the weather outside. Nestlé promotions are particularly evident in Tesco.