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Britain has a waste problem – a staggering 1.9 million tonnes of food was wasted along the grocery supply chain in 2014/15 alone, some of it avoidable, some of it not. Just five sub-sectors are responsible for about 80% of avoidable food waste in manufacture. See below to find out what they are…

Meat, fish & poultry tops the table as the most wasteful sector, but unlike some, it has high levels of unavoidable waste such as bones, connective tissue and skin. However, 30% of this - the equivalent of 267,000 cows* - could be avoided, according to Wrap. Potential solutions include better carcase utilisation, further diversification of the export markets and reduced floor waste. 

The Grocer wants to tackle the scandalous levels of waste in the food and drink industry through its Waste Not, Want Not campaign. To find out more, or pledge your support, click here.

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*Based on a 600kg cow