Anyone planning a weekend barbie had a selection of meat, fish and poultry to choose from as our shoppers discovered when they checked out the chillers and freezers. However only Asda and Tesco supplied full baskets. Asda was the cheapest by £1.35 with its till receipt of £18.34, and its good buys, particularly fresh salmon steaks and fresh lamb chops, undoubtedly helped to lower the bill. The difference would have been bigger if Tesco's scanner had not missed the frozen prawns. Sausages were well stocked and the best buys were Morrisons' offer of two packs for £1.49 and Safeway's 69p special. Safeway had the most out of stocks ­ salmon steaks, beef mince and Birds Eye beef quarterpounders, the latter because of a special price of £2.69 which emptied the freezer. Our shopper was luckier at Somerfield where there was a 50% extra free deal on the quarterpounders, and salmon steaks were on a half price deal. Only twin packs of lamb chops were available at the NE Co-op and Somerfield, and Somerfield's were 10p cheaper. Waitrose and Morrisons had no Bernard Matthews prepacks of 10 turkey slices, while the NE Co-op had only 10 slices in the wafer thin variety. {{GROCER 33 }}