Chilled meats is the latest category to be given the WeightWatchers treatment with prepacked cooked ham, roast chicken breast and garlic sausage making an entry into the chillers in January.
Made by Sara Lee, the ham and chicken come in 100g packs with an rsp of £1.69 and the garlic sausage in 120g packs for £1.39 and are part of the WeightWatchers NoCount range, a diet plan that allows people to eat foods from a list without having to count points or calories. The company suggested the meats are eaten in sandwiches as well as used for salads and in pasta to offer low-calorie meal alternatives.
Sara Lee has also developed a 100g deli counter range of cooked ham (rsp: 99p), roast turkey (£1.19) and salami (£1.29) to cater for dieters who don’t usually buy prepacks.
The meats have listings in Asda, Budgens, Morrisons and Waitrose.